ADVENT Partnering with APAPP

APAPP is excited to announce our new partnership with ADVENT, a global medical education non-promotional program sponsored by Sanofi and Regeneron.

ADVENT is an innovative global educational program that ensures high-quality, consistent, and continuous education for diseases with underlying type 2 inflammation.

Over the next 6 months, we will be featuring immersive medical education content dedicated to type 2 inflammation in COPD including videos, infographics, interviews, and interactive tools. 

We encourage all our members to sign up for ADVENT to stay up to date with innovative medical education content from around the world, including:


The ADVENT educational program is designed to deepen your knowledge of type 2 inflammation through rich content, endorsed by leading experts.


ADVENT will keep you informed about the most important pulmonology congresses, webinars, seminars, awareness days, and subsequent on-demand content.


ADVENT collaborates with recognized international experts to offer you everything from in-depth interviews to concise explanations.

Sign up for ADVENT and start utilizing a variety of educational content dedicated to understanding the disease burden and heterogeneity of COPD

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