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JHBMC Tobacco Treatment Certification Course

Jan 13, 2021

To help with the current burden our local communities face with tobacco usage, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center will create the first tobacco treatment specialist program in the state of Maryland.Each tobacco treatment specialist will undergo: • Six hours of in-person training through two 3-hour workshops • Documentation of 50 hours of tobacco treatment skill implementation • Completion of one 30 minute examination Upon the completion of the aforementioned requirements, each person will be awarded a certificate as a certified “Johns Hopkins Bayview Tobacco Treatment Specialist”

  1. Describe how cigarettes and tobacco products are designed to create an addiction to nicotine.
  2. Evaluate the current pharmacological therapy for tobacco dependence and the evidence that supports their usage
  3. Outline the usage of controllers versus relievers when providing medication for tobacco dependence.
  4. Compare and Contrast habits versus compulsions, and how that relates to nicotine addiction.
  5. Distinguish between the fundamental role of healthcare agents and professionals in tobacco independence libido-portugal.com.
  6. Illustrate how to challenge assumptions of active smokers and help assure smoking cessation is approached comfortably.
  7. Recognize how stages of change can be used to help a person quit smoking.


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