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UPMC Hamot 2021 Pulmonary Update

Apr 9, 2021


Join your colleagues and gain the latest updates and practice guidelines in pulmonary care! This activity has been designed to increase the participant’s knowledge of some of the most common pitfalls in pulmonary medicine. Specific topics were selected based on current therapies, treatments, and ways to improve pulmonary care for patients. Electronic handouts will be made available to conference attendees. This activity is expected to result in increased confidence in making a diagnosis and providing effective treatment, referral, and follow-up care with the overall goal of improving patient outcomes.


Primary care physicians, hospitalists, advanced practice providers, and nurses, as well as other healthcare professionals will benefit from attendance at this activity.



  • Discuss the history and prevalence of vaping
  • Review the current CDC approach for vaping
  • Discuss the basic types of chest imaging available
  • Analyze the results of chest radiography
  • Review next steps after receiving abnormal chest imaging results
  • Identify common indications for thoracic surgery
  • Compare and contrast the advantages and limitations of minimally invasive thoracic surgery techniques
  • Review the various types of lung cancer
  • Describe the current standard and novel treatment options for lung cancer
  • Discuss future directions in lung cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Assess various multidisciplinary approaches to a lung cancer patient case
  • Discuss the pathophysiology of Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency
  • Review the diagnostic modalities and treatment options for Alpha-1
  • Assess the impact Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency has from a patient perspective
  • Review the classifications of pleural effusions
  • Discuss the diagnostic approach of pleural effusions
  • Describe the therapeutic options for pleural effusions
  • Discuss rationale for various aspects of pulmonary function testing
  • Recognize appropriate testing for patients with suspected lung disease
  • Review pulmonary function test results and reports
  • Describe pulmonary rehab guidelines for inclusion and treatment modalities
  • Discuss the importance of pulmonary rehab as an adjunct modality to pulmonary treatment
  • Review benchmark goals and logistics of a pulmonary rehab program

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