Practice Point Partners with APAPP

The Association of Pulmonary Advanced Practice Providers (APAPP) and Practice Point Communications (PPC) are excited to announce a new partnership focused on advanced education for practitioners in pulmonology.

Practice Point Communications has been educating HCPs in pulmonology for almost 20 years through both live and enduring education. PPC has educated over 58,000 HCPs through their live lecture series CVPHILD and SSPAH, as well as countless participants in ongoing pulmonology enduring education. PPC has the top leading experts in areas such as PAH, PHILD, COPD, and more! Please access the linked websites to participate in one of their activities or to request a free lecture for your pulmonary community. (Pulmonology): PPCME Pulmonology

SSPAH: Simply Speaking PAH

PH-ILD: Clinical Viewpoints PHILD

APAPP is grateful to its sponsors and donors. Through their generosity, we are able to expand our association and provide high quality support to Nurse Practitioners and Physician Associates working pulmonary medicine. 

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