Review of CHEST’s E-Learning Library

I just got back from the CHEST annual meeting and I can say that it was by far the best conference I have ever attended; it had content extremely pertinent to my practice.
While in New Orleans for the conference, I also attended an APP meeting and heard a lot of people discussing whether purchasing a subscription to CHEST’s eLearning Library was worth the price and if it had any applicable value. In response to some of these inquiries, I decided to write a short blog about my experience with the eLearning Library.
Some might be put off by the fact that access to this particular resource is by annual subscription as opposed to a one-time purchase. Being a CHEST society member does afford you a discounted price. If you decide to subscribe to the library, the price is $99/year for members and $199/year for non-members. With your subscription you get access to more than 30 CHEST eLearning activities and a chance to earn many CMEs as well.
The lessons include a 3-part course on integrating NPs and PAs into the ICU, thoracic ultrasonography, and lung cancer staging and management as well as many virtual patient cases focused on Asthma, ILD, COPD, antithrombotic and cough guidelines to name a few.
All in all, this site provides a wealth of information and learning opportunities for members and non-members alike; what’s more, the learner is able to study at his/her own pace.
In my opinion, CHEST’s eLearning Library is a great resource and worth the fee to access it. It provides many learning opportunities from one of the world’s leading societies in pulmonary and critical care medical research and access to up-to-date care guidelines from experts in the field. I would strongly recommend the eLearning Library to anyone working in the fields of pulmonary and critical care medicine.

Ramella Barjesteh graduated from an ADN nursing program in 2018. She worked in many areas in the hospital setting including ED, NICU, and ICU and functioned in many roles from bedside nursing, charge nurse, administrative supervisor to critical care clinical educator. Ramella went back to school and received a BSN in 2008 and MSN in 2010. She completed her post-graduate ACNP education and training at UCSF in 2011. Ms. Barjesteh worked at a CT surgery/transplant unit at University of Virginia as a new NP then came back home to California and worked at California Pacific Medical Center in a post-op unit managing care of post-operative patients ranging from orthopedic surgery to heart, liver or kidney transplant. Most recently she’s been working as intensivist NP much closer to home since 2015.

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