Moral Injury – a Nurse Practitioner’s Story

In the last year, there has been a lot of discussion about moral injury in physicians. The concept of Moral injury was first identified in front line military personnel as the psychological foundation for PTSD.


Just Breathe: A Nurse Practitioner’s Story

Six months ago I began leading our pulmonary fibrosis support group My mind kept going to her statement, to focus on breath. [...]

F(%@$)NP, I have to go back to school for my ACNP!?

Amy Carlson has recently gone back to school to become an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner  (ACNP) In her home state of Arizona, [...]

Burnout: Going Beyond Mindfulness to Interprofessional & Policy Solutions

Physicians are not the only ones battling burnout. Nurses, pharmacists, and social workers are all experiencing higher rates of burnout than ever [...]

The Development of an Advanced Provider Fellowship Program

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center has grown into a large tertiary care teaching hospital that serves Boston, MA and the surrounding communities. [...]

Pediatric Sleep: A Nurse Practitioner’s Review

Takeaways: Pediatric sleep disorders are challenging and can impact growth, behavior, development and social interactions inside and outside of the home environment. [...]